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Tbyrd Fearlessness Daily Webcomic Episode 59

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Cupcakes of Doom Brand New Graphic Novel filled with pirates, penguins, vikings, jokes adventure and fun


There's a website called that does custom statuette sculpts -- I don't think I can afford to have them custom make any of my characters yet (not enough to demand to defray the cost, methinks. I'd have to sell that statuettes for about $40 each. They'd be totally worth the cost, but I'd also have to sell several hundred of them, and I don't think I have that many fans with that deep of pocket books.)

I've entered their design contest anyway though, the winner gets there's made and sold at the expense of the other company, which seems pretty cool.

Head on over and vote for me why don'tcha, please?

Further bulletins as events warrant.

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It's showdown time, Our Heroic-ish Pirates versus Those Lousy Vikings to decide the fate of a kingdom! The weapon of choice? BAKED GOODS! Deliciously-Evil Viking Pie has taken over as the peoples' flavorite, leaving the home-made Pirate Cookies in the dust. Captain Scurvybeard, YoHo Joseph, Peglegless Pete, Lester, (and some other pirates with less goofy names) must embark on a quest to find the ultimate pastry: The Long Lost CUPCAKES OF DOOM!

As you'd expect, there are sword fights aplenty, parrots, penguins, sea serpents, a treasure hunt or two, and all sorts of other piratey shenanigans.

The whole thing gets a bit silly, just the way you like it. Giggling is Guaranteed (unless you’re a curmudgeon). YARG!

Order a copy! You shan't regret it.